What We do

As a part of UCLA’s Undergraduate Students Association, the Office of the External Vice President seeks to:

  1. Advocate on issues impacting UCLA students to leaders on local, state, and federal levels, as well as within the University of California.
  2. Innovate to find new ways of engagement.
  3. Empower Bruins that organize around social justice issues. 

CAmpaign Platforms

Bear Necessities:

Elevate basic needs issues of healthcare, housing, and food security through proactive policy proposals to ensure that students are not just surviving, but thriving. 


Bridges Not Walls:

Spearhead campaign to divest UC funds from any company constructing the Trump administration's proposed border wall and unequivocally support undocuBruins and international students. 


Bruin Day of Action:

Institutionalize a campus-wide day of action with teach-ins, letter-writing, and phone-banking to make activism more accessible to all Bruins. 


Public Service Pipeline:

Create a scholarship program to support the work of students pursuing advocacy and public interest work outside of the UCLA campus.


Change Starts Here:

Increase civic engagement and student voice in local and state politics through regular townhalls with external stakeholders.


Bruin Action Coalition:

Amplify the work of student groups already engage in issue-and community-based organizing, including the fight for a sanctuary campus. 


Resist, Insist, Persist:

Reframe the EVP office to unapologetically and unabashedly defend student needs - not just when it's easy or convenient.