Save UCLA Housing: NO on Measure S


On March 7th, Los Angeles voters will be electing new school board members, a new city council, and our next Mayor. 

But most importantly, Measure S, a citywide ballot initiative, will drastically limit new housing development across the city. In Westwood, new projects will be capped at a maximum of 3 stories tall. As Bruins, we already face some of the highest housing costs in the nation and a limit on new housing construction is the last thing we need. 

Turn out the vote and ensure that Measure S fails! By joining us,  you will help SAVE STUDENT HOUSING!  In a local election like this one, which typically has low voter turnout, 5,000 Bruins voting could easily flip the result!

The deadline to register to vote has now passed. If you are registered anywhere in Los Angeles, you are eligible to vote in this election. 


  • Find your designated polling place by clicking "Check my Registration Status" below, then show up on Tuesday, March 7th between 7AM-8PM to cast your vote!


  • Fill out the ballot you received in the mail and drop it off at any polling location on Tuesday, March 7th between 7AM-8PM. For a map of polling places in Westwood, see here


County & City Measures:

  • County Measure H: Proposes levying a 1/4 cent sales tax for ten years in order to fund mental health, substance abuse treatment, health care, education, job training, rental subsidies, emergency and affordable housing, transportation, outreach, and supportive services for homeless children, families, foster youth, veterans, battered women, seniors, disabled individuals, and other homeless adults.
  • City Measure M: Provides for enforcement, taxation, and regulation of cannabis by giving the City Council the authority to amend existing regulations regarding cannabis use after conducting public hearings. Also authorizes criminal penalties, increased civil fines, and disconnection of water and power utilities for unauthorized cannabis activities. Lastly, establishes new business taxes for medical cannabis sales, cannabis transportation, testing or research, and general cannabis manufacturing. 
  • City Measure N: Establishes a City permitting program for cannabis activity, prioritizes existing medical marijuana businesses compliant with current City law, and mandates 135 dispensaries in the City unless increased by the City Council. Allows the City to issue permits for cannabis activity including creation, manufacture, and sale of medical cannabis; allows permitted cannabis activity in certain non-residential zones; provides operational standards and minimum-distance requirements from schools and other sites; authorizes fines and other penalties for non-permitted cannabis activity with limited enforcement procedures for violates by permit holders; allows permittees to operate as adult use marijuana businesses and imposes a tax of $80 per each $1,000 of gross receipts from adult use marijuana sales.


Candidates for Los Angeles Mayor:

  • David Hernandez: Community Advocate
  • Diane "Pinky" Harman: Retired Educator/Actor
  • David "Zuma Dogg" Saltsburg: Community Activist
  • Mitchell Jack Schwartz: Small Businessperson
  • Eric Garcetti: Los Angeles Mayor
  • YJ J. Draiman: Neighborhood Council Boardmember
  • Yuval Kremer: Math Educator/Activist
  • Paul E. Amori: Creative Artist
  • Dennis Richter: Factory Worker
  • Frantz Pierre: Community Activist
  • Eric Preven: Writer/Producer

Candidates for Los Angeles City Attorney:

  • Mike Feuer: Los Angeles City Attorney

Candidates for Los Angeles City Controller:

  • Ron S. Galperin: Los Angeles City Controller

Candidates for Los Angeles City Council, 5th District:

  • Mark Matthew Herd: Political Consultant
  • Paul Koretz: Los Angeles City Councilmember
  • Jesse Max Creed: Veterans Advocate/Attorney


Candidates for Los Angeles Community College District, Seat #2:

  • Steve Goldstein: Community College Advocate
  • Steven Veres: College Teacher
  • Sergio Vargas: Education Advocate
  • Thomas J. Norman: College Professor/Businessperson

Candidates for Los Angeles Community College District, Seat #4:

  • Dallas Denise Fowler: Los Angeles Commissioner/Educator
  • Ernest H. Moreno: Community College Trustee

Candidates for Los Angeles Community College District, Seat #6:

  • Gabriel Buelna: College Professor
  • Nancy Pearlman: Community College Trustee

Candidates for Member of the LAUSD Board of Education, Board District 4:

  • Allison Holdorff Polhill: Educator/Parent
  • Nick Melvoin: Educator/Children's Advocate
  • Gregory Martayan: Police Specialist/Parent
  • Steven Zimmer: Teacher/School Boardmember