2017: Millennials Take Charge 

activist toolkit

We believe that Bruins are as passionate and dedicated to social change as are any other college students. But often times the complexity and bureaucracy of our system makes it difficult to take on that change. Below, we've provided 6 of the most essential tools for you to carry in your back pocket as you pursue whatever change it is you believe in.


pick up the phone

Phone calls are more powerful than you might have thought. Here's all you need to start crankin' those digits for good. 


prove you can rally

Whether you're holding the mic at the front of a protest or nerding out about local council politics with your friends, physical meetups and events are essential to grassroots organizing. Find your group here.


slide into that mailbox

Pull those old stamps out of the garbage -- your friends might laugh at you for sending old school mail, but your Congressperson won't.


practice your autograph

Your uncle may think millennials are too obsessed with themselves, but sometimes advertising your name and opinions can lead to actual change. Here's how. 


hit up that paper boy

In an age of mass media (headlines everywhere!), siphoning out quality journalism that YOU trust isn't easy. Here's what you need.


be your own lobbyist

Lobbying isn't just for the rich and famous. Getting a meeting with a government official is actually pretty simple. Learn how here.