The USAC Office of the External Vice President works with various stakeholders at the local, state, and federal level to fight for the accessibility and quality of higher education. Although we primarily work on issues of affordability, the office also uses its resources to advocate for a wide range of policy issues that also affect postsecondary students. 

This is achieved by creating and developing relationships with elected officials and their offices. We strive to be in constant communication with regional officials, and frequently invite them to participate in our own campus events and initiatives.

2017-2018 Legislative Focuses:

Title IX Protections & Sexual Assault Prevention

Immigration & Advocacy for UndocuBruins

Reproductive Rights

College Affordability

Food Security

Healthcare Security

*This is not a comprehensive list. The EVP office advocates on many issues - questions about legislative focuses can be directed to or

2016-2017 Legislative Focuses:

Mental Health

Campus Safety

College Affordability

Middle Income Affordability

Environmental Sustainability

Gun Safety & Campus Violence


Hunger & Homelessness


International Student Issues