The EVP office strives to provide students with the support they need to be politically active. 

Every student or student group with a story to tell, an interest of which they want to take command in order to bring about positive change, ought to have a chance to do just that. This is the Bruin Advocacy Grant concept – providing students and organizations with the scope, contacts, experience, and funds to take command over their own issues and bring these issues directly to those with the immediate power to realize change.

Bruin Advocacy Grant is a massive revamp of the previous External Vice President’s Travel Grant program. Whereas in previous years students or student groups could apply for a maximum of $500 dollars to fund a trip or attend a convention, the new program changes many factors in a positive manner. Along with providing funds to help pay for two and three person advocacy trips to various foci of power in this country, our office also provides advocacy training, political strategy development, and contact sharing with program applications through an appointed liaison, to ensure that not only is a group’s trip funded, but that they have the tools necessary for successful advocacy.

  • The Bruin Advocacy  Grant Guidelines can be found here.
  • The Bruin Advocacy Grant Application can be found here.

A constantly updated list of all Bruin Defenders Grant allocations can be found here.

Please keep in mind that the Bruin Defenders grant is for advocacy-related trips. Conferences that are not specifically oriented toward affecting policy at some level of governance will not be covered. (For academic and professional conferences, we recommend checking out the Academic Affairs Commission’s Travel Mini-Fund).